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Article: About size information

About size information

Hello everyone,


We have provided a size comparison chart for both men's and women's general sneakers from brightway. We hope you find it useful.

■ Men's

Compared to typical sneakers, these have a slightly wider width. We recommend choosing the same size you usually wear for leather shoes.

① Sneakers



Compared to typical sneakers, these are longer in length and have a slightly wider width. We recommend choosing the same size you usually wear for pumps or similar shoes.

■ Q&A

Corner We have compiled frequently asked questions below.
We hope you find them helpful.

Q1: I often wear size 25cm shoes. Should I choose men's EU40 or women's EU for sizing?

A: For men who usually wear size 25cm, we recommend women's EU40. While men's EU40 is almost the same length, it has a narrower width and heel. If you usually wear size 25cm leather shoes, women's size 40 is recommended. Although it's categorized as women's size 40, many men also wear it.

Q2: There is room in the toe area. Is it better to go one size down?

A: brightway sneakers are designed with ample toe space. There is a 1.5cm to 2cm gap from the toe tip, so having some extra space in the front is not an issue. Dress shoes and pumps typically have some toe room, so we recommend choosing your size based on width and heel fit.

Q3: The instep feels a bit tight. Will it stretch?

Initially, a slightly tighter fit around the ball girth (widest part of the foot) is recommended. Both the upper and lining are made of genuine leather, so they will mold to your feet after wearing 2-3 times. Additionally, the built-in cup insole will sink and provide more room after a few wears. If your toes are hitting the front or your little toe is significantly bending outward, we recommend going up one size. However, if it feels slightly tight, we recommend sticking with the correct size.

Q4: Is size exchange possible?

Size exchange is possible if you have only tried them indoors. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange shoes that have been worn outdoors, so please make sure to confirm the size indoors. If you're unsure before purchasing, we can send you two sizes and you can return one size. Feel free to consult us via our website chat or LINE official account.

Q5: Can I try them on somewhere?

brightway products are available at the following stores. We would appreciate it if you could visit the store nearest to you. (Please note that some stores may only carry men's sizes or may have size shortages)


We hope this information will be helpful when considering your purchase.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via the chat function.

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