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Realizing a Society where Both Users and Makers Prosper through Craftsmanship Aiming to be the Utopia of Shoe Making to Proudly Showcase to the World Engaging in Shoemaking for Half a Century With such aspirations in our hearts

Our wish is for those who wear our shoes to have a wonderful journey into the future, and may that path be illuminated by brightway.

Amidst the global production of shoes, we take pride in making them in this place, passing down our skills and passion from generation to generation, striving for the "Utopia of Craftsmanship."

Walk the brightway, have a brightday.


3 fiatures

1.MInimalistic design

Bringing Inspired Experiences to Your Feet brightway, the shoe brand of ALL OSAKA MADE brightway is a unisex sneaker brand crafted by a long-established shoe factory in Osaka.

The concept is "A Pair to Love Even After 10 Years."

Featuring minimalistic design, repair services including sole replacement, and craftsmanship with domestically sourced materials, all made in ALL OSAKA MADE.

We inherit the technology and tradition built over a long history, delivering products that transcend time and generations, and are loved beyond ages.


2.10-Year Loveable After-Service

After repair service "A lovely pair of shoes will take you to lovely places." This is a phrase we cherish and hold dear.

At brightway, we offer a rare all-sole replacement service for sneakers, along with repair services to ensure long-lasting enjoyment of our products.




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