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Embracing Minimalism in Design and Craftsmanship

The concept behind brightway is "A pair to love even after 10 years."

As creators amidst changing times, our aim is to deliver a pair that remains unchanged and cherished for a lifetime. The answer we arrived at after pursuing these sentiments was to create a minimalist design by stripping away everything unnecessary.

A pair that, while minimalist, pays meticulous attention to details, enhancing the beauty of one's feet.

"The design of brightway is characterized by its simplicity, even to the extent of an invisible logo.

As part of our philosophy in craftsmanship, we believe that truly beautiful and outstanding products don't necessarily require prominent logos or excessive embellishments. Instead, the quality of the product itself should suffice.

Moreover, a simple design demands exceptional material quality and technical prowess. Therefore, we deliberately chose to strip away everything unnecessary and compete based on the product's quality.

Furthermore, the beautiful details of brightway are upheld by the skills of seasoned craftsmen.

One distinctive design feature involves a special stitching method called 'blind stitching around the ankle,' where the seams are invisible. This method demands a high level of craftsmanship typically seen in high-end brands' pumps and similar footwear."

Here's the English translation:

"Commonly, many manufacturing methods involve inserting sponge material around the ankle area to provide expansion. However, at brightway, the 'blind stitching' technique creates a sleek appearance around the ankles while ensuring a design that remains comfortable even without sponge material, preventing discomfort.

It's a pair that shines with details infused with years of history and expertise, despite its simplicity.

Meticulous material selection for pursuing comfortable wearability.

When it comes to the distinct features of brightway, the immediate sensation upon wearing them is the 'soft, gentle envelopment' and the secure feeling around the heel.

One of the secrets lies in the core material used for the heel. In every shoe, brightway employs a leather counter as the core material.

Cowhide consists of three primary layers: the top layer is used for the shoe's upper leather, the second layer is utilized in leather soles, and the leather counter utilizes the third, typically discarded layer. brightway makes use of this lower layer, which is often discarded."

"Presently, many sneakers in circulation use resin or plastic core materials. Thus, sneakers using leather counters are considered extremely rare, even within luxury brands.

Factories capable of crafting shoes with this core material are few in number even within Japan.

The reason for this rarity is primarily due to the material cost, which is over five times higher compared to resin-based materials. Additionally, the manufacturing time is more than three times longer. As the process demands skilled expertise, experience, and meticulous craftsmanship over an extended period, it isn't conducive to mass production seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness."

"Since our inception, we have diligently upheld this meticulous and time-consuming manufacturing process. The excellence of this traditional method lies in the fact that the more you wear the shoes, the more they conform to your feet, reducing the likelihood of discomfort or slippage.

'The essence of good shoes is revealed in the unseen details.'

Adhering to the philosophy cherished by our founder, we earnestly craft every unseen detail to ensure that you can cherish our shoes for a long time. This embodies our craftsmanship."

Repair Service for Long-Term Use

All parts are replaceable. Crafting shoes responsibly for long-term use.

Every component of brightway sneakers is replaceable through repair services.
*This service is chargeable.

Notably, the 'Full Sole Replacement' is a remarkable feature. While many high-priced sneakers do not offer genuine sole replacements, brightway allows for sole replacements."

"Additionally, the cup insoles can also be replaced, and many parts are eligible for replacement or repair services.

The reason behind this capability is that we conduct all manufacturing processes within Japan. Each step is meticulously carried out by skilled craftsmen within our facilities.

As professionals in craftsmanship, our core value lies in taking responsibility for each pair we produce. Simultaneously, we aim to provide services that enable our shoes to be cherished for as long as possible.

In today's era emphasizing sustainability, at brightway, we prioritize creating products that can be cherished and used for an extended period.

Domestic Materials and Local Manufacturing

"The shoe factory behind brightway is our company, Internationalshoes Co., Ltd., located in Osaka, Japan.

The founder is Mr.Giichi Ueda.
In 1954, our shoemaking journey began from a small workshop with just two people. Over half a century, we've contributed to the production of shoes for numerous women's footwear brands both domestically and internationally.

What we've held dear since our inception is 'creating good shoes with sincerity.'
Even after more than half a century, we continue to prioritize crafting meticulously a pair that can be cherished for a long time."

"Crafting using domestically sourced materials, gathering the essence of Japan in every pair.

At brightway, we procure materials produced within Japan to the extent possible, directly from visible producers.

Before commencing the manufacturing process, we always visit these producers. We listen to the makers' intentions and share our envisioned goals to collaborate on crafting together."

"The reason for using domestically sourced materials is our desire to reinvigorate Japan's leather shoe industry and share it with the world through our efforts.

Japan possesses a culture of consideration for others, remarkable craftsmanship, and a history of locally-rooted craftsmanship that produces materials meticulously, one by one. However, the fact remains that this essence isn't always effectively communicated to consumers.

By actively incorporating materials made in Japan, we aim to preserve this culture and history, passing it on to future generations.

Infusing each pair with the craftsmanship and emotions of artisans,
brightway will soar globally as part of Team Japan's craftsmanship.

Local manufacturing aims to create an ideal haven of craftsmanship where skills and values are passed down from generation to generation."

"While many factories seek cost-effectiveness by moving production overseas, we cherish the continuation of shoemaking in this region.

Our ability to deliver each pair of shoes to everyone today is a result of previous generations safeguarding shoemaking in this region. Through brightway, we aspire to pass on this industry and the craft of shoemaking to the next generation.

Our goal is to emulate the historic craftsmanship of Europe. Children who witness their parents taking pride in craftsmanship are inspired to enter the same world of creation. Philosophy and techniques are perpetuated from generation to generation, forming an ideal haven of craftsmanship.

Creating such a haven of craftsmanship is brightway's dream. We aim to craft a pair that will be loved even after 10 years and aspire to be a company loved even after 100 years. Today, we diligently engage in shoemaking, paying attention to each pair with care."



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