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Our History

Our factroy name is Internationalshoes Co., Ltd.
Founder is Mr.Gichi Ueda in 1954 in Osaka, it started as a leather shoe factory specializing in women's footwear.

The first model of brightway, named 'Giichi,' was dedicated to the founder as a mark of respect.

Over time, we have undertaken OEM production for numerous high-end domestic and international brands. (※OEM Production: accepting manufacturing requests from brands, conducting product development, production, and delivery.)"

"Our shoe-making journey began in a small workshop of two people and a 10-tatami mat space.

The philosophy passed down since our founding is 'Creating shoes that are loved for a long time.'

The comfort crafted meticulously into each pair of shoes has garnered acclaim, supported by numerous fans and repeat customers throughout our history."

Striving for an Ideal Haven of Shoemaking to be Proud of Worldwide

Finally, about the future we aim for

The name 'Internationalshoes' was given by our founder, Mr. Giichi Ueda,
"With the shoes we create, we want to bring smiles to people all around the world from the ground up."

With such a wish, the name was bestowed.

Amid shoes being made worldwide,
We take pride in crafting shoes in this place,
Passing down skills and emotions from generation to generation.

Striving for such an ideal haven of craftsmanship,

And someday, envisioning people worldwide who wear our shoes walking into a wonderful future,
Dreaming that these footsteps become brightway,

Please look forward to the second chapter of brightway, a new beginning.



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